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Corporate Dining

Refresh and Revive

As menus change and kitchens evolve over time they can change one piece of equipment at a time.  Eventually you get a mix up of different brands and sizes.  Sometimes it is important to start over with a well thought out line.  It can improve flow and worker moral to restart with fresh plumbing and infrastructure and everything working.  Special thanks to Boelter and Quick Servant for implementing the design.  The photo on the right was the old line-up, functional but pieced together.  On the left we have matching ranges with built in refrigeration from the Jade Bistro Series.   Careful consideration was given to adjust the balance of each cook and locate functions.

Neighborhood Restaurant

When dealing with a small space it is important to have efficient kitchen and bar layouts.  In this design we provide a central location for kitchen and bar pick-up to save steps for waiters.

Coffee Shop

When designing a coffee counter the customer flow and order of operations makes a huge difference.  The stations like Espresso and Drip must be accessible when there are 3 staff working a morning rush or 1 person working a slow afternoon.